La petite expo #2 : “1940-1944 : le château occupé, le château libéré”

The German occupation of Caen Castle from June 1940 to June 1944 is one of the least-known periods in its history. What units were stationed here between the Battle of Britain and the 1944 landings? Who might have owned the watch engraved "Russland 1943", found during a recent archaeological survey? What was the fate of the Canadian prisoners seen being led through the Saint-Pierre gate in the early days of June 1944?
Recent research into military archives, photographic documentation and field observations has lifted some of the veil on this story. Archaeologists have now reconstructed a much more impressive defense system than was once thought, with flak stations, bunkers on the ramparts and buildings painted in camouflage! But Reconstruction has wiped out all these bad memories, and now it's time to take a fresh look at them: a brief overview of an important dossier that will no doubt be the source of new publications and exhibitions in the future.
As part of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Caen.
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