Exposition photographique “Petits commerces abandonnés” | Normandie Impressionniste

To coincide with the exhibition Le spectacle de la marchandise (The spectacle of merchandise) at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Caen, the Ardi is presenting an exhibition of photographs by Gérard Lemeunier, featuring small abandoned shops.
Using black-and-white negative film, Gérard Lemeunier builds his work around a series of themes. Each captured image contributes to the construction of a whole, and only takes on meaning within it, constituting photographic inventories similar to those produced by the German photographer Becher.
His aim is to recreate a vanishing world, a bygone present that bears witness to the abandonment of buildings by mankind. The original decorative motifs are blended and superimposed with slag made of signs and materials. These are visual elements imbued with a gentle, mocking nostalgia that, like theatrical sets, seem to wait for the actors to come to life.


From Saturday 06 April to Thursday 15 August
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