Par les yeux de la Louve, la traversée de la grotte

The exhibition of the painter Muriel Rodolosse is built around a large linear painting of 17m long.
Conceived in stages between 2021 and 2023, the work is imagined as a great design without end. Each presentation of the imposing painting offers the opportunity of a new episode embellished with new panels realized under Plexiglas as it is usual for the artist. This technique reverses the usual way of painting, going from the detail to the background, without possibility of repentance.
The painting is a mystical adventure, a walk through a different perception of life, a vision transformed here by the eyes of the she-wolf, the central character of the work. It is through her eyes that Muriel Rodolosse invites us to enter the frontier of the visible and the invisible, in a landscape of forests and undergrowth where the power of life and death are expressed in the same impulse.
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From Saturday 04 March to Saturday 03 June
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