Caen la mer provides an educational programme linked to the school curriculum and with the flexibility to make learning easier.

The Guided tours

Sortie scolaire à Ouitreham

In line with the school curricula, the groups department and the tour guides from the Caen-la-mer Tourist office can meet your teaching needs and organise a tailor-made visit.

Here are just some of the themes on offer :

  • History : from Antiquity to post-war Reconstruction via the Middle Ages and the Second World War
  • The industrial, technical or scientific heritage, architecture
  • Nature and the Environment (parks, gardens, hikes, etc…)
  • Art and culture

Caen la Mer Tourist Office employs an experienced schools adviser who can not only adjust the educational approach and materials to your particular group’s level but also adapt visits to fit the group’s timetable.
Tours come with mediation materials that help pupils understand what they are seeing: visual materials, diagrams and questionnaires depending on the subject matter.

For school groups 2023

Caen la mer proposes three fun trails to set off to explore the castle and the city. These booklets call on a sense of observation, orientation, thinking and logic.

Sites to visit

Many sites and museums in Caen-la-mer also have varied educational programmes in line with your needs and sometimes organise specific visits / workshops for school groups.

Other partners can also welcome your groups as part of a school programme.

Don’t hesitate to see the liste on the page Activities

From April to September, see the main sites of the city on a sightseeing train during a guided tour lasting 45 minutes.

Places to eat

We have listed the picnic areas in Caen la mer and our partners restaurants for groups.


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