We are glad to say that the very first Norman speciality is cheese! Nothing beats a gourmet tour among Caen’s cheesemongers to conclude a touristic day in Normandy.

Aux Fromages de France

We start our gourmet tour at Aux Fromages de France where we met the owners: Sylvie and Fabrice. The two cheese lovers presented their range of top-quality products and their current selection: the Camembert, the Pont l’Evêque and the Livarot! Choosing between the three cheeses was too hard so we tasted each one of them, served with a delicious glass of wine from the shop’s wine cellar.

Aux Fromages de France
Aux Fromages de France ©Caen la mer Tourisme / Les Conteurs

The famous Norman Camembert

Camemberts rôtis à la fromagerie le Conquérant
Norman Camembert ©Caen la mer Tourisme / Alix JONET

Is your enthusiasm for Norman cheese so big that you’d also fancy tasting cheeses from other regions of France? Without a moment’ s hesitation we set out towards the Fromagerie Conquérant, located next to the Abbaye aux Hommes. This place is a paradise for cheese lovers. And the list goes on… For the foodies that we are, we just had to have the ready-to-eat Boîte à Raclette. Either take-out or on delivery, we just had to turn the raclette machine on.

Fromagerie Conquérant Caen
©Caen la mer Tourisme / Pauline et Mehdi – Photographie

Cheese makers on the markets

From ewe’s tomme to neufchâtel, the other cheeses are not to be outdone at the Caen la mer markets. The Saint-Sauveur market on Fridays is packed with local producers ready to let you sample their products to make you fall under the spell of a good peasant cheese!

Fromages marché Saint Sauveur

There are plenty of good addresses in Caen! Finding local specialities made or sold by passionate artisans was pretty easy after all. I’m sure the lesson is worth the price…

If you want to learn more about Norman cheese and try it for yourself, please visit the website La Route des Fromages AOP de Normandie.

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