For a day dedicated to the history of the Second World War, we couldn’t miss a visit to the Caen Memorial and a tour of the D-Day landings beaches. As soon as you arrive, you are immersed in World History…

A visit to the Caen Memorial

All through the visit, you can see a wide range of period costumes and objects on display, as well as videos immersing you in local history.

The Caen Memorial features three historic themes with rooms about the history of the War, the D-Day landings and the deportations. You might like to know that the building was constructed on an underground bunker, the command post of the German General Wilhelm Richter.

Even if the spot is known for its links with the Second World War, we took the time to see the part about the world after 1945 and the Cold War. You can see the remains of planes and a thermonuclear bomb… It is very impressive! There is even a part of the real Berlin Wall that once divided East and West Berlin.

Guided D-Day Beach tour

To continue our day dedicated to the Second World War, we go on a guided coach tour of the main 1944 D-Day landings sites.

We recommend taking this tour after a visit to the Caen Memorial. The history of the events will be fresh in your mind and you will recognise the sites more easily. On the way, the guide will share anecdotes about the soldiers who landed that day and the sites you will see. Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the US military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer and the artificial port and circular cinema in Arromanches: the programme is rich and exciting.

La Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach Caen la mer
La Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach ©Caen la mer Tourisme / Les Conteurs

When we got back to Caen, our minds were filled with images, and we felt like we knew a lot more than before about the Normandy Landings. We will definitely come back again!

We like

  • The contemporary objects and videos at the Caen Memorial
  • The stories and anecdotes told by the guide during the D-Day Landings tour
  • A tour of the D-Day landings sites in one day