Guided tour of the Abbaye aux Hommes

Take a one-hour tour with a guide and visit the former monastery, the cloister, the gardens, the monks' refectory and the wedding room…
From July 12th to August 30th, english guided tours are organised every day at 11.00am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm and from September 1st to September 17th, on weekdays only (except on 03, 10 and 13 September).

Our tips : Il est possible d'acheter un Pass Abbayes pour visiter les 3 abbayes (en saison et vacances de pâques) :- Abbaye aux Hommes- Abbaye aux Dames- Abbaye d'Ardenne pour 8,50€


Base rate : 6,50 € Base rate : 5,50 € Base rate : 5 € Free of charge : €
Price Min. Max.
Base rateIn case of temporary exhbition 6,50€
Base rate 5,50€
Base rateExclusively available at the Caen la Mer Tourist Office 5€


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