For a stroll by the sea, head to the seaside resorts of Caen la mer for an iodized break with family, friends or as a couple. Discovery of 19th century villas, swimming and aperitif on the beach, everything is there to spend a pleasant day.

Discovering the seaside villas

From Lion-sur-mer to Hermanville-sur-mer, follow the sea for several kilometers, you will find nautical activities on one side and treasures of picturesque architecture and constructions on the other. The beautiful 19th century seafront villas face the sea. A Stop (almost) obligatory in front of the « Bluette », the most famous villa in Hermanville. Built by the architect Guimard and covered with materials from the sea, the villa is classified as a reason to linger on its architecture and its practical curves !

And why not take this beautiful bike ride ?

La Délicate, an unusual sound trip

Promenade avec des ombrelles la Délicate

Uncover the secrets of these beautiful villas during an exceptional sound walk along the seafront. To begin, head to the Lion-sur-mer tourist information office to collect the umbrellas. Let yourself be guided by the testimonies to the time of the Belle Epoque and sea bathing which marked the history of seaside architecture. An experience as unusual as it is unique.

Spend the afternoon at the beach

En famille à la plage, Hermanville, Lion sur mer

The large beaches of the coast are ideal for having fun all afternoon. Sand castles and kites for children, and a moment of relaxation for adults. And to cool off, take your swimsuits and get in the water !

Glace en bord de mer

Swimming is boring ! Take the opportunity to taste ice creams and frills from the artisans present on the seafront. A little gourmet break to enjoy during the holidays.

Balade à cheval en bord de mer

For an unforgettable ride, try horseback riding on the beach ! Suitable for everyone, even beginners, the ride offers a feeling of immense freedom ! From the first steps, happiness invades us. With the agreement of the instructor, we move to a trot then to a gallop. What adrenaline ! A unique experience in a breathtaking setting with the setting sun.

End the day with a drink

Pique-nique à la plage

To end the day, head to the warm sand. We roll out the tablecloth and bring out the aperitif ! During the holidays or after work, an evening on the beach is guaranteed conviviality. Refreshing for hot summer evenings, it is also the ideal to observe the most beautiful sunsets over the sea.

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