As well as its picturesque view, the Belvedere at Ouistreham has a historical significance linked to the Second World War. Built by the Germans in the 1940s, this concrete tank on 9 pillars forms part of the Atlantic Wall. Built on top of a blockhouse, it was equipped with a 20mm anti-aircraft gun. During the occupation, a British Spitfire was shot down by this gun. On 06 June 1944, during the D-Day landings, a German sniper positioned on the belvedere killed a soldier from the Kieffer commando unit taking part in the capture of the Casino.

After the war, it was transformed into a viewpoint with an orientation table.
From the top, the panorama offers a 360° view of Sword Beach, the famous site of the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944.


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