Are you looking for a holiday souvenir? An original gift to offer, of quality and linked to Normandy? Come and take a look at the shops in our Tourist Offices!

A wide range of products around Normandy

Our shops offer a selection of original and varied products. A wealth of gift ideas and personalised souvenirs featuring our region: books, postcards, textiles, accessories, gadgets, toys, flags, medals, Normandy designers, etc. We offer personalised assistance to help you find the ideal gift.

For the gourmets, we only work with local & regional companies in order to offer you the best quality : Caramels d’Isigny, Cidre, Apple juice, Sablés de Caen, Chocolates…

And for the fans of the Stade Malherbe de Caen, we are the only retailer of their products in the city centre (Caen Tourist Office). So you can be equipped to support them!

Produits boutique du Stade Malherbe de Caen
Produits boutique du Stade Malherbe de Caen à l’Office de Tourisme

Top 5 in our shop!

  • The Monopoly D-Day, in bilingual English-French, €39.90
  • J’irai revoir ma Normandie” (I’ll see my Normandy again) jam from Délices de Camille, made in the traditional way in Normandy, with the more than regional flavours of apple, cider and caramel, €5.90
  • The Heula Market Bag, which will accompany you on all your trips to the market, €13
  • The official Stade Malherbe de Caen jersey, to support the Caen team in all circumstances, €79
  • The Caen la Mer souvenir medal, representing on one side the Abbey of Men and on the other the Ouistreham lighthouse, at a very low price of 2€.
Dday 1944 product to buy in Ouistreham Normandy

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Bureau d’information touristiques de Ouistreham

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