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Hôma is an 800m² second-hand shop. We rent out booths for people to sell their pre-loved items: house move, new baby, retirement and building work are just a few of the many reasons for having clear out! Our team are here to help you. We work in partnership with several local associations with the environment and our community in mind.


From Monday 01 January to Tuesday 31 December
Monday Open from 14h to 19h
Tuesday Open from 10h to 19h
Wednesday Open from 10h to 19h
Thursday Open from 10h to 19h
Friday Open from 10h to 19h
Saturday Open from 10h to 19h


Location d'1 semaine : 15 € Location de 2 semaines : 28 € Location de 3 semaines : 39 € Location de 4 semaines : 48 €
Price Min. Max.
Location d'1 semaine 15€
Location de 2 semaines 28€
Location de 3 semaines 39€
Location de 4 semaines 48€

Means of payment

  • Carte bleue
  • Cash
  • Contactless payment
  • Visa