Fitness trails, signposted footpaths, walks with the family or hikes in the forest… Come and enjoy the 100% nature areas in Caen-la-Mer!

A nature outing in the forest of Grimbosq

Local people will tell you that this really is the place to go for nature lovers! Just 15 km south of Caen, you can go there by car, on foot or even by bike, along the green way of Norman Switzerland. 

Some visitors like to relax on the grass areas, while others follow the 4 educational footpaths with the information panels. There is a water path, a botanical path or a forest management path, so the choice is yours! If you like animals, opt for the animal path. This 8.5 hectare path will introduce you to the local wild boar, stags and deer. Plenty to delight young and old alike!

For a journey through the world’s landscapes, head for the Arboretum with 125 species of trees from all over the world. In the forest Arboretum, you enter a 7-hectare area with 24 species of trees from Europe and America. No less!

For hiking fans, the Grimbosq forest has three trails (from 1 hr 30 minutes to 3 hrs) running through the forest! If you follow the yellow or blue trail, then don’t miss Saint-Anne’s Chapel. It was originally located on the site of the viaduct and was moved when the railway was built. Take a break a few yards further on to admire the 11th century Olivet Castle!

Do you have energy to spare? No problem! On a mountain bike or even on horseback, this is the chance to see the vast forest differently! 

A living space with sports activities in the Ifs Forest

At any time of year, the Ifs Forest is a great place for fitness fans with the exercise trail or for people out for a walk along the signposted footpaths. Set off to explore the 32 hectares of forest with your map in your hand and follow the permanent orientation trail.

Keep an eye on the events calendar to see what’s on. The city organises events for all ages. Open-air cinema, Easter-egg hunts and themed trails, what will your next day out be like?

Le Bois du Caprice, an explorer’s paradise!

Feel like some adventure? Then head for the Caprice Forest between Colleville-Montgomery, Ouistreham and Saint-Aubin d’Arquenay. Set off to explore this vast green 70-hectare space along the Pilgrims’ Trail or the “Petit Bonheur” path. Here you can see common oak, ash, chestnut trees and other trees and plants living in contact with the water!

There are widely varying landscapes, including forest ponds alongside pastures, timberland and orchards. Listen carefully, and you will probably hear the call of the agile frog or the common toad. And when you look down at your feet, you will see some of the 160 plant species in the forest! With a bit of luck, you might even find some mushrooms!


It is the number of plant species that the forest shelters! Consider looking down and if you’re lucky you might even find mushrooms!

A walk in the green parks and gardens!

For a stroll among the flowers and original plants, go to the botanical garden for a visit to the greenhouses! Take the time to visit the Colline aux Oiseaux (Bird Hill). It is famous as an “experimental garden” where new landscaping elements are tried out. A whole host of labelled plants can be seen here. From the Garden Valley, walk to the Arboretum with its rare plants. In the south of the park, at the foot of the limestone cliff, you will find a collection of peonies and daylilies and other perennial plants!

Coin d'eau et verdure à la Colline aux Oiseaux
La Colline aux Oiseaux – ©Caen la mer Tourisme / Pauline et Mehdi Photographie

For a walk in more untamed nature, we recommend the Biez park in Mondeville: to the north is a 100% natural and untamed landscape. To the south, children can enjoy a play area, while their parents have a picnic on the lawn for a great family experience!

The Charlotte Corday park is the ideal place for a walk in a natural setting. In summer, fishermen like to meet up around the central pond, while joggers can run along the signposted trail. This is a chance to relax in the shade of the weeping willows for some and to enjoy the play areas for others in the Charlotte Corday park. A great place to get together with the people you love!  

Our ideas for nature walks