The marshland is a transition area between the land and the sea, and filled with unusual species. A chance to set off for an adventure in a mysterious watery world and to get to know the life of the local inhabitants! So are you ready? Put on your walking shoes!

The Colleville-Ouistreham marshes: an adventure to share for young and old alike

Head for the Chemin de la Fontaine from Colleville-Montgomery towards the marshes, close by the sea. This is an area of marshy woodland with alder, willow and myrtle. The wetland area extends over 60 hectares. Enough for a really good walk! The area is listed as of ecological interest for its fauna and flora, and contains many rare and protected species, such as agile frogs, pool frogs and natterjack toads! The marshes are just a few miles from the Orne estuary, so this is a chance to see little egrets, grey herons or even some common shelduck. Watch out where you are walking! A botanical treasure is living here between the ditches, the little canals and the tall grasses.

A great walk around the Saline marshes

The Saline marshes are a real marshland meadow and the ideal spot for a breath of fresh air. The signposted trail will take you into a kingdom of herons and storks! The stork is the star bird in the marshes. This is the right moment to get out your camera. Regulars will tell you that these large white birds keep the same nest from one year to the next. During your walk, you might well come across brown or white cows as they graze. If you look closely, you will see that the species differ from one habitat to another.

On foot or by bike, don’t hesitate to take to the footpaths through the wood. Here you will see some exceptional animals, plants and trees, such as the black alder, the pussy willow, the ash, grey willow and the poplar! Lovers of flowers will spot white water-crowfoot or comfrey!

Unusual encounters at the Grondin de Giberville marsh

It’s easy to get to the Grondin marshes in Giberville! There are cycling and pedestrian paths, roads and public transport all leading to the “lungs” of Giberville. For a walk or for a guided tour, this is a spot not to be missed. Whatever you do, take a good look at the insect hotel. Surprises guaranteed!