Tag Archery France

Archery Tag is a sport, collective game, created in 2011 by Global Archery in the USA. In 2014, we were the first official "licensees" in France. We offer different activities.

  • Archery Tag: A dodgeball with bows and arrows made of foam.
  • Bubble football: A huge plastic ball in which you will play on the football field
  • Laser tag: A variant of laser game. Players are equipped with infrared guns and sensors to compete.
  • Hoverball : An inflatable archery stand.
  • Gun Tag: With your foam dart gun, you have to hit your opponents' target.
  • Archery: A sport of rigour, precision and regularity, archery develops and demands balance, willpower and self-control.
  • Runarchery: New - a sport that combines archery and running. A biathlon with arrows.

These safe activities allow to federate, to promote conviviality and team spirit, around playful activities.

We have patented and secure equipment, inflatables and qualified staff.


  • 12 parking spaces
  • Groupe : 200 personnes maximum


Adult group rate : 200 €
Price Min. Max.
Adult group rateTarif TTC de l'heure 200€

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