Caen: Guided tour of the historical centre

The Tourist Office offers you a 90-minute tour to enable you to discover 1000 years of the history of the city. The historical centre of Caen reveals itself during a guided tour that will answer a few questions: is Rue Froide (Cold Street) really as cold as Queen Matilda used to say? Was Louis XIV really schizophrenic? A great opportunity to discover a few architectural gems tucked away in the heart of the city.

Our tips : Envie d'une visite guidée spéciale famille ? Cet été, pensez à nos visites guidées du centre historique en famille.


From Wednesday 27 October to Saturday 06 November
Wednesday Open from 11h to 12h30
Saturday Open from 11h to 12h30
On Friday 12 November
Friday Open from 11h to 12h30


Base rate : 6 € Child rate : 4 € Free of charge : €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate 6€
Child rateEnfants, étudiants, demandeurs d'emploi 4€

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