Suzanne Husky – L’amant de la rivière

Since the early 2000s, Franco-American artist Suzanne Husky has been giving artistic and critical form to environmental issues. In the course of her work, the artist infiltrates various modalities and strategies of resistance that aim to restore alliances between humans and other living things.
"90% of rivers have been altered". "Wetlands are disappearing 3 times faster than forests". Channelled, drained, cleaned, recalibrated, drained, evacuated, purified - for centuries, rivers, streams, ditches and wetlands have been corseted, aligned, drained and cleaned. The accelerated flow of water causes the water tables to sink, and surprise: droughts and fires.
What if the river needed to be freed from its narrow, tasteless bed to lick trees, plants, taste soil, stones, explore, hydrate and obstruct new passages with its gentle, exploratory waters? What if she needed to welcome the tickle of amphibians and fish, to feel the paws, beaks and roots that sink into her to feel fully. What if the river's lover, the one capable of exploring its greatest possibilities, was a beaver?


From Saturday 04 November to Saturday 03 February
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