Icons – Steve McCurry

Historic images and striking portraits reveal the depth of humanity in this exceptional retrospective of American photographer Steve McCurry
The exhibition traces the artistic journey of Steve McCurry, an iconic figure in contemporary photography, and bears witness to more than 40 years of world history through his striking portraits and landscapes.
Through 93 photographs from the Icons series tracing his travels from

through 93 photographs from the Icons series, tracing his travels from South-East Asia to Africa or from Cuba to Italy, a world is revealed through a different perspective, whose depth echoes the international news and plunges the visitor into a reflection on his own vision of the world, his own condition as a human being.Exhibition timessee the Abbaye-aux-Hommes timetable belowClosing of the ticket office and store at 6:30 p.m
Photo caption: Uttar Pradesh, India, 1983 © Steve McCurry


From Wednesday 15 June to Thursday 15 September
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