Exposition “Caen, je suis… ?”

To explore together what makes Caen such a lively city!
Barcelona, I'm the bioclimatic city. Toulouse, I am? As we explore the Living Cities exhibition, one question comes to mind: "And Caen, what am I? Reflecting on this question summons up what we know about this territory, and even more so, what is invisible. In the form of questions, living cabinets and documentary resources, visitors become explorers, leading a collective and collaborative search for the things we can?t see, the things that make up the nature of our living city.
In a space dedicated to the question "Caen je suis?", Le Pavillon and the TER agency offer an immersive experience to explore the Greater Caen area from four angles: the city to live in, nature in the city, the natural city and the nature of the city.
There's what you see. There's what you hear, what you smell and what you guess. There's also what the maps say, what the geography says, the subsoil, the history, the flow of water, the flora and fauna? There's what we experience and what we feel in our links with our daily environment, with the city and with the land. And then there's what we see in terms of future ecological and societal transitions.
"Caen je suis? is an enigma. The ambition is for the sentence to be completed in a self-evident way. Everyone holds part of the answer. So let's get curious and explore!
The question ?Caen je suis?? will remain open for the duration of the exhibition, to encourage shared reflection and a collective contribution to the story of Caen, a living city.
This collaborative space has been co-designed with the TER agency, the Pavillon team and their partners. Open at the Pavillon from October 4, 2023 to January 28, 2024.
Free admission. Opening hours during the Biennale: 1pm-7pm weekdays, 10am-7pm weekends and Wednesdays.
[From October 12, free admission Wednesday to Sunday, 1pm-7pm]
The Caen-Normandie Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning is organized by Le Pavillon and In-Situ, with the support of the City of Caen and the Caen la Mer Urban Community. Full program at http://www.biennalearchi-caen.com.


From Wednesday 04 October to Sunday 28 January
Monday Open from 13h to 19h
Tuesday Open from 13h to 19h
Wednesday Open from 13h to 19h
Thursday Open from 13h to 19h
Friday Open from 13h to 19h
Saturday Open from 13h to 19h
Sunday Open from 13h to 19h


  • Free for all