Culte, Sanctuaires et Pèlerinages de Saint-Michel

Lecture by Angela Laghezza, researcher in History of Christianity and Churches at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy).

The Norman Mont-Saint-Michel is not the oldest of the European places of worship dedicated to the Archangel: since late antiquity, it is the cave of St. Michael of Monte Gargano in Puglia (Italy), model of a typology of places of worship dedicated to the Archangel spread throughout Europe, which still welcomes crowds of pilgrims.

Since 2011, this cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the evidence dating back to the Lombardy period (7th-8th centuries). It has also been the subject, in the last fifty years, of intense work by researchers of various disciplines, especially Italian and French: starting from these, this conference aims in particular to draw up an assessment of the history of the cult of St. Michael in Europe and the links between Puglia and Normandy, with reference to the most recent directions of scientific research.

Conference proposed by the Museum of Normandy and the CRAHM-Centre Michel de Boüard. Auditorium of the Château de Caen, free admission (subject to availability).

The lecture is in French.


On Tuesday 27 September
Tuesday Open from 18h to 19h


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