À Caen le street-art

At the end of the 1960s, in the streets of major American cities, a new mode of popular expression appeared: graffiti.
A distant descendant of thousand-year-old practices, it found a favorable soil for its development during the following decade, marked by an economic crisis, the birth of the hip hop movement and the questioning of traditional artistic mediums. Immediately opposed by the authorities, this urban art or street art is quickly recovered by the official world of art but remains a protest current.
The visit will be an opportunity to discover the artists who have made Caen their playground, the different techniques used and the many codes that govern the practice.
A visit by Florent Dufour.


On Friday 19 August
Friday Opens at 18h


Price Min. Max.
Base rate 6€
Reduced rateScolaires, étudiants, demandeurs d'emploi 4€

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